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Against a team that wanted to press high but did so, at times, in an unorganized manner and without perfect timing, Franck Haise’s team took advantage of their 3-4-1-2 shape in order to break Bordeaux’s defense.

They presented two different basic buildup ideas

  • The center-backs and the goalkeeper would pass the ball between them, accepting the fact that by doing so Bordeaux may press higher, as this would also mean bigger spaces higher up the pitch.
  • With Bordeaux pressing high, a long ball towards Florian Sotoca would be executed. The Frenchman acting as a “target man” had to find Kakuta between the lines.
  • Lens’ number 10 was constantly founding himself with a lot of space and time as the hosts’ man to man pressing against Lens’ 3-4-1-2 and the fact that Sotoca and Ganago were occupying the three Bordeaux center-backs, meant he had no direct opponent.
  • With the ball in the middle third, Bordeaux’s left winger, Oudin, in their 4-2-3-1 would follow Lens’ wing-back, creating a five-man defense. This defensive choice by Gasset in combination with the fact that  Ui-Jo, Briand and de Préville were neither staying more passive in order to close spaces nor pressing efficiently, meant that spaces next to Bordeaux’s left defensive midfielder were created for either Lens’ defensive midfielder or striker to receive the ball.  Lens would find those players by bringing the ball from their left side towards the right.

Thanos Chelas Ver todo

Thanos Chelas nació en Grecia y es un analista de fútbol de 25 años. Trabajó como entrenador en Italia y Grecia y como analista para el equipo masculino y femenino del Ethnikos del Pireo. Ha sido también escritor de artículos de análisis táctico para diferentes sitios.


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