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Name: Ali Akman | Category: 2002 | Position: Striker | Country: Turkey | Club: Bursaspor

Ali Akman has established himself as a regular player in Bursaspor’s starting XI. His activity outside the box and his flair make him an important offensive player in the team. With 7 goals and 1 assist in 8 matches, he is the most decisive player in the championship (TFF 1.Lig). He is involved in one goal every 85 minutes of play.

He shows himself available between the lines, he comes in support to offer a vertical solution. Good ball protection to receive the ball back in play, he uses his body to protect and resist to the defender’s challenges to keep control of the ball. He can use dribble or seek his partners to keep the ball in a high position on the field.

His activity allows him to dominate the attack without the help of a partner. He intelligently attacks spaces alternating movements in support to offer a solution and seek to link up with his partners. He can also offer deep moves to take the back of the defense and get in a position to finish in the final third.

An energetic player, he defends especially in movements to compensate his physique which does not give him an advantage in duels. In motion, he can more easily position his body to protect the ball from what allows him to keep the ball and recover possession of the ball.

A desire to bring movement, when he receives the ball, he seeks to play forward, he offers a solution in depth to attack space. He must have better management of his play, he must know when to slow down the playand not just look for the play forward because this can cause loss of ball especially if his partners are not well positioned.

His good flair allows him to find key areas to put himself in a position to create danger for himself or his partners.

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